Sea and Air Freight
Cargo Plan Movers & Forwarders Limited is now providing freight forwarding services, including forwarding ocean freight, airfreight, and a complete package of value-added services, as part of its international logistics service packages.

These invaluable services enable Cargo Plan Movers & Forwarders Limited to perform export freight forwarding services fundamental to a full service provider. From making carrier bookings, preparing bills of lading, completion and filing of export declarations, and providing overall logistics coordination shipments, Cargo Plan Movers & Forwarders at your disposal.

As your global logistics partner, Cargo Plan Movers & Forwarders Limited offers expertise and experience, backed by a global network of services and professionals, to offer every customer a complete menu of forwarding services that bring efficiency to every link in your supply chain – from your supplier’s factory to your customer’s door.

Cargo Plan Movers & Forwarders Limited is also working closely with leading airfreight services partners and provides a wide range of supporting air freight services. Our partners are trusted names in the industry and provide some of the most extensive and comprehensive heavyweight airfreight transportation and distribution systems. Their international airfreight services, utilize the world’s major commercial airlines, all-cargo carriers and charters. Tapping this global infrastructure, Cargo Plan Movers & Forwarders links you with every principal trade lane worldwide.

Customs Clearance Services
Customs Clearance is one of the most important elements needed to successfully offer complete end-to-end logistics management services. Combined with International Logistics and the ability to do destination distribution and warehousing, Customs Brokerage services are fundamental to giving our customers the ability to use Cargo Plan Movers & Forwarders as a “One-Stop-Shop” without a mid-shipment interruption in service provider.
Combining our own Customs clearance capabilities and partnership Customs services with carrier door pickup/delivery service allows Cargo Plan Movers & Forwarders’ customers complete cost accounting to bill of lading delivery destination and, if this is final DC for dry goods or cold storage for reefer, single invoicing can be accomplished.
By reducing the number of non-partnered parties involved in the shipment transaction, document coordination can be optimized, insuring a complete set of documents for entry, reducing costly delays. Timing of entry can be coordinated with arrival of goods to minimize any delays or demurrage.

Cargo Plan Movers & Forwarders and our selected partners provide the fullest range and variety of services necessary to address today’s international logistics needs. We provide end-to-end international service packages that include vendor management, merchandise and packaging inspections, multiple-mode transportation, warehousing, shipment consolidation, specialized distribution and customs clearance assistance.
Cargo Plan Movers & Forwarders provides all the benefits of state-of-the-art supply chain visibility applications, delivering real-time information related to the current order and shipment status of your merchandise at the item level with the detail that you require.  You will have global access to the supply chain information.

Special Projects:
At Cargo Plan Movers & Forwarders contract logistics stands for the efficient bundling together of numerous logistical functions into a single service package involving increased complexity. All services are offered from a single source – to meet individual customer needs.
Cargo Plan Movers & Forwarders is dedicated to your cost sensitive needs. We will consolidate your shipments even when we pick up at separate times of the day. If you have a critical shipment that did not make the first pick up, just give us a call. If we haven’t tendered your cargo to the airline yet, we will consolidate your shipment even if it is going to a different location in the same destination city. Benefits Include:

  • Cost Reduction: Elimination of separate air charges.
  • Greater Control: Goods coordinated through Cavalier’s extensive networks.
  • Flexibility: Critical/urgent and last minute shipments can be shipped separately from the assembly if required.
  • Communication: The Cargo Plan Movers & Forwarders office will communicate with you directly, progressing orders, providing accurate on-hand stock information and will act upon your instructions.

Drop/Third Party
If you have a consignment that is required by your client in another part of the country, Cavalier can collect from your supplier and ship directly to your end-user, coordinating your movements through the Cavaliers extensive network. Benefits Include:

  • Cost Reduction: Elimination of intermediate shipping between you and your supplier.
  • Faster Lead Times: No intermediate shipping improves your supply times.
  • Protection of Supplier’s Details: Cavalier will ensure your supplier details remain confidential.
  • Control of Shipping Costs: The ability to give your customers a fixed delivery price ensuring you’re overall costing remains accurate.

Cargo Plan Movers & Forwarders can arrange for a full packing service for your freight in compliance with IATA regulations. Hazardous, perishable, temperature-sensitive, fragile cargo can all be packed professionally to ensure that your goods arrive to their destinations in excellent condition.

General Supplies
Cargo Plan Movers & Forwarders Limited is also involved in general supplies of the following commodities;

  • Medical Equipment
  • Pharmaceuticals / Medicament
  • Stationery
  • Furniture
  • Foodstuff e.t.c